Bundled References Documentation

Bundled References Documentation serves as the wiki and documentation for an independent research study being conducted by Alexander Carr under Professor Ahmed Hassan at Lehigh University. This site holds both information about the Bundled References code base as well as accompanying background information that helped advance or contribute to the project.

The goal of this independent research study is to take the Bundled References linked data structure and adapt it to be used in a graph database. Range queries across nodes within a graph database are common in graph query workloads, which creates an opportunity to increase graph database performance with Bundled References.


This project is under active development.



Research papers that contain relevant information to Bundled References.

Graph Databases

Overview of current graph databases and how they are structured.

Graph Benchmarks

Analysis of graph benchmarks that can be used to benchmark graph database performance.

Bundled References

Getting Started

How to get started with running the benchmark for Bundled References.